Original Design Scrapped: Liverpool 22-23 Away Kit to Be White

Update: The first pictures of the Nike Liverpool 22-23 away anthem jacket have been leaked. It features the same colors as the kit (white / black) and will be released together with it in July 2022.

Following up on our post about Nike's "most interesting and mysterious" kit of next season - the Liverpool 22-23 third kit - we've been able to find out more details about the club's 22-23 range and, if anything, it's even more confusing than initially thought.

From what we've been able to find out, the Liverpool 2022-23 away strip will actually be white, and the dark green design that got leaked a while back has been scrapped.

Liverpool 2022-2023 Away Shirt

This picture shows the colors of the new Nike Liverpool 22-23 away football shirt.

The Nike Liverpool 2022-23 away shirt will be predominantly white.

Anthem jacket

In terms of accent color, the Nike Liverpool 2022-23 away jersey is listed as white / black, so logos and brandings should probably be black. There's a good chance that more colors will be used on the design.

Meanwhile, the design of the Nike Liverpool 2022-2023 away shirt is completely unknown, but we believe it could be similar to that of the initial dark green leak. This is due to the fact that similar graphics appear throughout the accompanying collection.

Why was the dark green Liverpool 22-23 away kit scrapped?

Liverpool 22-23 Away Kit Leaked

It's anyone's guess what exactly happened to the design that got leaked initially, listed as "Ocean Depths". It was part of a large selection of Nike home and away kit leaks and there's no indication of it not being real in the first place.

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The most likely explanation at this point is that the club must have disapproved of the design at last minute.

Either way, stay tuned for more details about the Liverpool 2022-23 away and third kits in the coming weeks and months.

Made by Nike. What's your verdict on Liverpool's 22-23 away shirt being white? Comment below, and check out the 22-23 Kit Overview for more.