Many Crazy Designs - History of German Karneval Kits

The German Karneval time arrives in November every year, bringing with it multiple interesting special kit designs. Karneval, or Fastnacht as it is known in some regions, is especially popular in the areas near the Rhein river, with the masses going out and dressing up in costumes. So it comes as no surprise that football teams from this region like to celebrate the occasion with special outfits of their own.

We wanted to take a look at the history of Karneval-themed kits, since they have not been around for very long.

1. FC Köln

FC Köln first released a Karneval shirt for their 2013-14 2. Bundesliga campaign. Kit supplier Erima went above and beyond, setting a high bar for jerseys to come. Current kit manufacturer Uhlsport have since taken over the tradition of a Karneval shirt, 2017-18 (still Erima) being the only season in recent years without one.


1. FC Köln 2013-14 Special Karneval Kit Unveiled


Crazy Köln 2014 Karneval Kit Released


Köln 2015 Karneval Kit Released


Köln 2016 Karneval Kit Released


1. FC Köln 18-19 Carnival Kit Released


Köln 2019 Karneval Kit Released


Crazy Köln 2020 Karneval Kit Released


Köln 21-22 Carnival Kit Released

1. FSV Mainz 05

Mainz 05 were lucky to have switched from Nike to Lotto back in 2015. They were instantly rewarded with their first ever Fastnacht shirt for the 2015-16 season, which was re-used for the next year as well. Lotto and current kit supplier Kappa have since always released an annual Fastnacht jersey.

It is quite clear that Lotto took very timid steps at first, only adding colors to a red base, but after several years they went all in with the crazy Fastnacht designs.


Mainz 05 2016 "Fastnachtstrikot" Released


Debut Against Bayern München - Outstanding Mainz 05 2018 Carnival Kit Released


Crazy Mainz 2019 Carnival Kit Released


Crazy Mainz 19-20 Carnival Kit Revealed


Insane Mainz 20-21 Carnival Kit Released


Mainz 05 21-22 Fastnacht Kit Released - Crazy Design

Fortuna Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf released their first and only "Narrentrikot" (Jester-jersey) for the 2017-18 2. Bundesliga season. Made by Uhlsport, it features a half white, half red design inspired by Hoppeditz, a fictional jester from Düsseldorf's Karneval. The city crest is placed in the middle of the chest and there are five symbols specific to Düsseldorf's Karneval at the bottom of the shirt.


KFC Uerdingen

KFC Uerdingen, based in the city of Krefeld, also released their only ever Karneval shirt in 2017. It is mainly blue and features lots of small, lighter blue jester's caps all over the front. There is also a yellow and black jester's cap placed above the club logo.


Alemmania Aachen

Aachen released their first ever Karneval jersey earlier this week. Made by Capelli, it combines the club's colors black and yellow, rather than going for a brighter, more confetti-like look.

The base of the jersey is black with 11 diagonal yellow stripes on the front as a reference to November 11th, which marks the start of Karneval. The sleeves feature a very different design; they are covered in a black and yellow diamond pattern to look more like something from Karneval.


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First Ever - Alemmania Aachen 21-22 Karneval Kit Released

Fortuna Köln

Fortuna Köln also released their first ever Karneval shirt earlier this week.

It is based on the Capelli Caracara teamwear template. It features red and white vertical stripes on the front. The sleeves, back and the top of the front section all come in solid red. The four white squares, Capelli's trademark appearance, run down below the round, white collar.

To add to the Karneval look, little confetti pieces are printed all over the front in blue, yellow, green and red. This makes for a similar aesthetic to the FC Köln Karneval jersey, released several weeks ago.


Fortuna Köln 21-22 Karneval Kit Released

Bonner SC

Bonn has released two Karneval shirts already. Lotto made one that was used for 2019-20 as well as 2020-21, with new kit manufacturer Uhlsport taking the design to another level this season.



Spectacular Bonner SC 21-22 Karneval Kit Revealed

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