Inspired by Kroos & Schweinsteiger? Pogba Modifies Predator to Be White-Only

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba seems to be a purist when it comes to boots.

Whiteout: Paul Pogba Ditches Colors Of Predator Freak White Spark Pack Boots

Paul Pogba did lace up in very clean-looking football boots - a white and light grey version of the Adidas Predator Freak 1.Low soccer cleats.

Pogba's boots are not an official Adidas release. Instead, they are a custom edit by the Frenchman.

Kroos and Schweinsteiger do only want to wear white boots

It is possible that his "Predator Freak.1 L" was originally from the 'White Spark' collection but with all the red removed.

The second option is that Adidas provided him with all-white boots (the grey colors look lighter than those from the official release).

It is not known what the reasons for Pogba are. However, it could be the same reason as for Kroos and Schweinsteiger. Both only like to have white boots on their feet. This was revealed by Schweinsteiger in an interview with Kicker in early January 2022.

Pogba seems to be not happy with the next-generation Adidas Predator Freak. He did only wear them in training.

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