Inter Milan Forced to Modify 22-23 Nike Away Kit Due to UEFA Rules

Inter Milan had to modify their 2022-2023 away due to (strict) UEFA Equipment Regulations.

Inter Milan 2022-2023 Away Jersey - UEFA Version - Graphics More Subtle Than in League

To comply with UEFA's policy of having a light kit, Inter Milan had to reduce the visibility of the turquoise globe graphic massively. The result is a much worse-looking kit that makes is practically impossible to see the original globe design.

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In the Youth League match that already took place in the afternoon, the kit looked almost completely white.

In the Serie A, Inter were allowed to keep their original Nike 22-23 away kit.

Last season, Inter already had to (almost completely) remove the snake graphic from their 2021-22 away kit. It only appeared on the kit in a very light grey colour.

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