Real Madrid 23-24 Home Kit Predictions

The new Real Madrid 2023-2024 home kit introduces a promising color scheme. Based on the exclusive info we leaked, concept designers predicted how the Real Madrid 23-24 home jersey could look, and it could be very accurate.

The first design is certainly closer to Adidas' final kit

The concept designers used FIFA Kit Creator to create their mock-ups. You can create your own concept kits, remakes, predictions, and everything else using FIFA Kit Creator.

Real Madrid 23-24 Home Kit Prediciton By masterjersey

Of course, the Real Madrid 23-24 home kit concept/prediction by masterjersey is white. What is most interesting is how masterjersey combines the navy and gold accent colors, and how all three colors look together.

As leaked by us, gold is only the tertiary color. However, this is not bad for the kit's look, as it greatly fits with the navy details.

Real Madrid could use the same model as Argentina

Template-wise, the Adidas Real Madrid 23-24 home concept used the Argentina 2022 World Cup home kit model. It is very likely that the Real Madrid 2023-24 home jersey is based on a model seen in the World Cup. There are three main models - the one from Argentina seems most likely to be the one used for Real Madrid.

All in all, we think the mock-up by masterjersey could be very close or even nearly identical to the official Adidas design.

Real Madrid 23-24 Home Kit Prediciton by @nannismo_kitcreator

Another kit designer, @nannismo_kitcreator, created his take on the Real Madrid 23-24 home kit. Nannismo uses gold for the Adidas logo and navy for the sponsor logo and the Three Stripes.

Masterjersey is certainly closer to the final design

We have been told that the concept of masterjersey is closer to the official design, but we have to wait for the full leak or more info for the final jersey.

Real Madrid Adidas 2023-24 Home
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Masterjersey of Nannismo? Which possible look of Madrid's 2023-24 home kit do you prefer? Comment below.