Long Sleeve Revival Continues at the 2022 World Cup

Some well known long sleeve advocates are keeping the look alive at the World Cup this year. Thanks to Classic Football Shirts for spotting them.

Long Sleeve Shirts on Show at World Cup

Gone are the days when long sleeve shirts were the norm and as easy to find in the shops as their short sleeve counterparts. They've been edged out by base layers and cost-cutting by brands over the years, but thankfully, they have not disappeared completely. After a period of some brands seemingly stopping to produce them, they've been making a comeback and that continues at this years World Cup.

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So far we've seen Kai Havertz, Ousmane Dembélé, Alvaro Morata, Ferran Torres and Mexico's Edson Alvarez opting for the classic option. Cristiano Ronaldo will most likely join the party when Portugal play Ghana later today, but these traditionalists will still remain in the minority.

Some players, like Gavi and Yann Sommer have gone for the short sleeves and matching base layer combo, while Antoine Griezmann went in the opposite direction, wearing a sleeveless vest under his long-sleeve shirt. The majority, however, have been playing in regular short sleeve shirts.

Which option would you go for if you had the choice? Do you think we will see any other players commit to the long sleeve revival at he tournament? Comment below.