COMPLETE: 2023 MLS Kit Overview - All 29 Teams' Adidas Kits Leaked or Released

Updated with the latest leaks and releases - now the look of every single new 2023 MLS jersey is known. In total, there are 30 new Adidas MLS jerseys for the 29 teams (New team St. Louis have released two kits). Only two teams have not yet launched their kits - Orlando City and CF Montreal.

All 2023 MLS Jerseys - MLS 2023 Kit Overview

Below are all the new 2023 MLS jerseys.

The new Adidas 2023 MLS jerseys are anything but boring. They have one-of-a-kind designs that are bespoke for each team.

Adidas MLS 2022-2023 Kits - Carried Over

Below are all the carried-over 2023 MLS jerseys.

Along with the new kits, each team is also carrying over one kit from last season. Interesting to note is the mixture of old and new Adidas logos - those kits that are carried over have the old Adidas logo.

MLS 2023 Kit Battle - 100% Adidas Due to League-Wide Deal

If you are aware of the league-wide Adidas sponsorship deal, then you will not be surprised by the MLS' kit maker distribution. Adidas make the kits for every of the 29 teams.

Atlanta United


Clearly inspired by the first-ever home kit from 2017, the Adidas Atlanta United 2023 home shirt returns to five classic stripes on the front, 2 black and 3 red. This is a slight difference to the 2017 design, which had the opposite arrangement.

Atlanta United 2023 Home Kit Leaked


The Adidas Atlanta United 2022-23 away jersey combines a mint base color with dark green for accents and trim.

Atlanta United 2022 Away Kit Released

Austin FC


The Austin FC 2023 home shirt is set to feature a design that combines stripes of differing widths.

LEAKED: Austin FC 2023 Home Kit Design Info


After the inaugural MLS away kit was white, the Austin FC 2022-23 away shirt is light green. This reflects the idea that "Verde is more than a color"; it is a sentiment or a feeling that Austin FC fans have.

Austin FC 2022 Away Kit Released

CF Montreal


CF Montréal 2023 Home Kit Leaked

Big Chaos at MLS Club CF Montréal: 2023 Home Kit Postponed, Club to Use Away Kit Instead


The Montreal 2023 away jersey is grey with a blue marble print across the front and sleeves, while the logos are black. Its only difference to the nearly identical 2022 away option is the use of the new club crest.

Montreal 2022 Away Kit Released

Charlotte FC


The Adidas Charlotte 2022-23 home jersey introduces a clean design in blue, black and white. Dubbed the "Carolina", it has an overlapping white v-collar, matching the sleeves and the ally sponsor logo.

Charlotte FC 2022 MLS Home Kit Released


Dubbed the "Crown Jewel Kit", the Adidas Charlotte FC 2023 away shirt is mainly dark purple with pink accents and blue logos.

Charlotte FC 2023 Away Kit Colors Leaked

Colorado Rapids


The Adidas Colorado Rapids 2022-23 home shirt introduces a classy design in dark red with light blue detailing on the collar and cuffs.

Colorado Rapids 2022 Home Kit Released


The Adidas Colorado Rapids 2023 away shirt is inspired by Colorado’s sunrises and sunsets as well as the possibilities each new day brings.

Colorado Rapids 2023 Away Kit Released

Columbus Crew


The Adidas Crew SC 2022-23 home shirt is predominantly gold with black accents and trim, bringing back the club's traditional color combination. A subtle pattern shows off the newly modernized isometric checkerboard pattern.

Columbus Crew 2022 Home Kit Released - New Logo, Brings Back Gold & Black Color Scheme


The Adidas Columbus Crew 2023 away shirt is predominantly black, incorporating yellow into the design in the form of the side stripes, hem and back panels. Furthermore, the Adidas stripes on the shoulders and detailing on the sleeve ends are yellow.

Columbus Crew 2023 Away Kit Leaked

Chicago Fire


The Adidas Chicago Fire 2022-23 home shirt is navy blue and red. It features a subtle design throughout the jersey that mimics the intricacies of the Water Tower’s architecture.

Chicago Fire 2022 Home Kit Released - New Logo


The Adidas Chicago Fire 2023 away jersey introduces a bold and vibrant design in white with graphics in red and blue, featuring dark blue accents as logos as well.

Chicago Fire 2023 Away Kit Released

FC Cincinnati


The Adidas Cincinnati 2023 home jersey looks to be mainly royal blue, combined with a round navy collar. Apart from this, nothing about a possible graphic/pattern is known. The Adidas branding will be either white or orange.

FC Cincinnati 2023 Home Kit Leaked


The Adidas FC Cincinnati 2022-23 away shirt combines the main color orange with grey-metallic for the sponsor logo and Adidas brandings. Blue on the collar and sleeve cuffs completes the look.

FC Cincinnati 2022 Away Kit Released

FC Dallas


The Adidas Dallas 2022-23 home shirt is predominantly red with a design made up of blue fading hoops on the front.

FC Dallas 2022 Home Kit Released


The Adidas Dallas 2023 away shirt pays tribute to Dallas Burn, the club's former name. Mainly white, the "Burn Baby Burn" kit combines monochrome black logos with red detailing around the collar and sides.

FC Dallas 2023 Away Kit Released - Tribute to Dallas Burn

DC United


The Adidas DC United 2022-23 home shirt keeps things very simple. So simple in fact, that it has been described as looking like nothing more than a "black training top with red accents on the sleeves".

DC United 2022 Home Kit Released


Predominantly white, the Adidas DC United 2023 away jersey features black and pink trim on the sides, sleeves and collar. The black stripe down each side of the shirt, in line with the Adidas World Cup template, contains various club slogans (only on the authentic version).

DC United 2023 Cherry Blossom Kit Leaked

Houston Dynamo



Dubbed the Bayou City Kit, the Adidas Houston Dynamo 2022-23 away shirt is black with a grey graphic on the front and sleeves, featuring silver 3 Stripes and trim in the same color, as well as orange on the cuffs.

Houston Dynamo 2022 Away Kit Released

Inter Miami


The Adidas Inter Miami 2022 home jersey boasts a clean design in pale pink and black with a traditional collar and the 3 Stripes placed on the shoulders.

Inter Miami 2022 Home Kit Released


The Adidas Miami 2023 away shirt is predominantly black, with all other details and logos held exclusively in pink. Using one of Adidas' 2022 World Cup templates, there is a pink strip that runs down each side and joins at the back of the hem.

Inter Miami 2023 Away Kit Leaked

LA Galaxy


Mainly white, the Adidas LA Galaxy 2022-23 home shirt has a navy blue collar and 3 Stripes in the same color on the shoulders.

LA Galaxy 2022 Home Kit Released - "City of Dreams Kit"


The Adidas LA Galaxy 2023 away jersey throws it back to the team's first-ever kit from 1996, which was inspired by LA's flag. It combines a green base with golden-yellow logos and a unique zig-zag graphic design on the sleeves.

LA Galaxy 2023 Away Kit Leaked

Los Angeles FC


The Adidas LAFC 2022-23 home shirt is mainly black with gold logos and Adidas stripes. The Adidas logo and club crest are both placed in the center of the chest area, with Adidas on top. The main feature of the jersey is a bespoke Art Deco pattern that appears across the front and sleeves.

LAFC 2022 Home Kit Released


The LAFC 2023 away jersey jersey features an interesting design - it's light beige grey with a subtle graphic on the front and sleeves and has black logos. The Adidas stripes on the shoulders are olive green, completing the all-new look for the club. The club motto 'Shoulder to Shoulder' is featured on the inner collar of the new LAFC away jersey.

LAFC 2023 "Smokescreen" Away Kit Released

Minnesota United


Dropping the traditional grey-and-blue color scheme, the Adidas Minnesota United 2022-23 home jersey is "black and blue".

Minnesota United 2022 Home Kit Released


Leaked: Minnesota United 2023 Away Kit to Feature Northern Lights Design?

Nashville SC


The Adidas Nashville SC 2022 home jersey introduces a clean design in yellow and dark navy, with the standout feature being the side panels.

Nashville SC 2022 Home Kit Released


The Adidas Nashville SC 2023 away shirt has a stealthy look in all black, with a plain, patternless base being combined with silver details.

Nashville SC 2023 Away Kit Released - Johnny Cash Tribute

New England Revolution


As usual, the New England Revolution 2022-23 home shirt is mainly navy blue. The 3 Stripes on the shoulders and all the sponsor logos appear in white, while the piping around the collar and sleeve tips is red.

New England Revolution 2022 Home Kit Released


The Adidas New England Revolution 2023 away shirt combines a white base with navy Adidas branding with the 3 stripes placed on the shoulders. Red is applied near the sleeve ends and around the collar. The most notable feature of the Rev's new away shirt is the sash-like collection of red stripes that runs through the club crest, interrupted by a white box for the sponsor.

New England Revolution 2023 Away Kit Leaked

New York City FC


Pigeon Mosaic? New York City 2023 Home Kit "Leaked"


The NYCFC 2022-23 away shirt features an outstanding zig-zag design on the front in navy/purple. More of this color is present in the form of trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs.

New York City 2022 Away Kit Released

New York Red Bulls


The Adidas New York Red Bulls 2023 home shirt is different from all previous club shirts. It combines a 'Pearl Citrine' base with dark teal and red accents.

Revolutionary? Electric Yellow New York Red Bulls 2023 Home Kit Revealed


Orlando City


The Adidas Orlando City SC 2023 home shirt has a modern design in purple and gold. It could be the first time in the team's history that the home shirt comes with gold logos. All previous Adidas home kits had white logos.

Orlando City 2023 Home Kit Leaked


The Adidas Orlando City 2022-23 away shirt brings a nice change to the white away jerseys. The away jersey features a vibrant color scheme on a white base, inspired by the sunset of Orlando.

Orlando City 2022 Away Kit Released - The Sunshine Kit

Philadelphia Union


The Adidas Philadelphia Union 2022-23 home shirt is navy with light gold trim applications in form of the Adidas logo and the Three Stripes. The standout feature of the jersey is a vertical stripe on the front, which is a bit thinner than the crest and colored light blue with a gold line on both sides.

Philadelphia Union 2022 Home Kit Released


Philadelphia Union 2023 Away Kit Revealed

Portland Timbers


The Adidas Portland Timbers 2023 home jersey is dark green with golden yellow accents around the neckline, underarms and back of the hem. A plaid pattern is overlaid on the torso and sleeves.

Portland Timbers 2023 Home Kit Leaked - First Real Picture


The Adidas Portland Timbers 2022-23 away jersey is light pink ('Vapour Pink') with a rose design applied all over the front and sleeves.

Portland Timbers 2022 Away Kit Released

Real Salt Lake


The Adidas Real Salt Lake 2022-23 home jersey combines a red base with trim and accents in dark blue and gold, featuring the intricate collar of the Arsenal 19-20 home shirt.

Real Salt Lake 2022 Home Kit Released


Dubbed "Beehive State Kit", the Adidas Real Salt Lake 2023 away shirt is mainly gold, featuring trim in dark blue and red. A subtle stylized, hexagonal beehive pattern covers the front, with the logos in navy.

Real Salt Lake 2023 Away Kit Released

San Jose Earthquakes


The Adidas San Jose Earthquakes 2023 home shirt features a modern design in blue, black, and white. The standout feature of the Adidas San Jose Earthquakes 2023 home shirt is a pattern, inspired by the region of California.

San Jose Earthquakes 2023 Home Kit Leaked


The Adidas San Jose Earthquakes 2022-23 away jersey brings a clean look in grey and black, with the standout feature being the side panels.

San Jose Earthquakes 2022 Away Kit Released

Seattle Sounders


The Adidas Seattle Sounders 2022-23 home shirt introduces a unique and never-seen-before design for the club. Dubbed Legacy Green jersey, it features unique green and blue checkers, inspired by the fan mosaic created by the Emerald City Supporters for the 2019 MLS Cup Final, a game in which they won their second MLS Cup title.

Seattle Sounders 2022 Home Kit Released


The Adidas Seattle Sounders 2023 away shirt combines a dark red base with yellow logos and Adidas stripes. Exactly 50 years after his death, Bruce Lee serves as the inspiration for the design, with a red dragon graphic covering the entire front side and sleeves of the kit.

Seattle Sounders 2023 Away Kit Released - All-Over Dragon Print - "The Bruce Lee Kit"

Sporting Kansas City


The Adidas Kansas City 2023 home shirt of course features a light blue base, which has been consistent since their rebrand to from the Wizards to Sporting in 2011.

Kansas City 2023 Home Kit Released


The Adidas Sporting Kansas City 2022-23 away shirt is dark blue ('Dark Indigo') with detailing in sky blue.

Sporting Kansas City 2022 Away Kit Released

St. Louis City SC


The Adidas St. Louis City 2023 home jersey introduces a vibrant design in the club's signature CITY Red with accents in navy and yellow.

Inaugural St. Louis City 2023 MLS Kit Released


St. Louis City 2023 Away Kit Released - Old Adidas Logo

Toronto FC


The Adidas Toronto 2023 home shirt features a unique hooped black and dark grey design, deviating from the club's usual primarily red kits. Red is of course still present on this jersey, coming in the form of thin lines between the hoops.

Revolutionary Toronto FC 2023 Home Kit Leaked


Dubbed the 2022 Community kit, the Adidas Toronto FC 2022-23 away jersey features a half-half design in two different shades of grey, one much lighter than the other.

Toronto FC 2022 Away Kit Released

Vancouver Whitecaps


The Adidas Whitecaps 2023 home jersey is mainly white, featuring light blue lines that repeat as hoops. Furthermore, the club's typical band below the chest makes an appearance in navy, surrounded by red lines at the top and bottom.

Vancouver Whitecaps 2023 Home Kit Released


The Adidas Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2022-23 away shirt brings the popular hoop design to the away shirt. The alternative white-on-blue is back for the first time since 2010.

Vancouver Whitecaps 2022 Away Kit Released

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