No More New Balance - Adidas Costa Rica 2023 Home & Away Kits Released - Old Adidas Logo

The new Adidas kits for Costa Rica's national soccer teams have been released, and they are not what fans were hoping for.

Adidas replaced New Balance as Costa Rica's kit supplier in January 2023, after the 2022 World Cup in which Costa Rica still wore New Balance kits.

Adidas Announce Costa Rica Kit Deal - 2023 Home & Away Kits to Be Released January 31

Costa Rica 2023 Home Kit

This is the new Adidas Costa Rica home shirt for 2023.

The Adidas Costa Rica 2023 home jersey has a classic red color with white and blue detailing. The design is simple and modern and not very bespoke at all. However, one aspect of the kit has raised even bigger questions.

The kits are based on the old mi License 2022 templateExclusive - mi License 22 Jersey Leaked - Majority of Adidas B Teams Will Use This Template

Adidas use the old Adidas logo - why? This of course did not necessarily have to happen, but it appears likely that the deal was sealed too late and so Adidas had to come up with a makeshift solution. The Costa Rica Adidas 2023 kits are based on the old Adidas mi License 2022 template.

New Balance Costa Rica 2022 World Cup Home vs Adidas 2023

Costa Rica 2023 Away Kit

This is the Costa Rica 2023 away shirt, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Costa Rica 2023 away kit is white with gold pinstripes and a gold/black collar. All-black logos complete the look. The away kit is a fresh and stylish look, but also not very bespoke.

New Balance Costa Rica 2022 World Cup Away vs Adidas 2023

The Costa Rica Adidas 2023 kits launched on 1 February 2023.

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