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Adidas Teams Face Problems with 23-24 Kits

In the 2023-2024 season, Adidas teams are having several minor yet important problems with their kits.

Arsenal, Celtic & Manchester United Have Problems With Socks & Authentic Keeper Kits

For three Adidas teams, Footy Headlines can confirm that there are problems with the 23-24 kits - Arsenal, Manchester United, and Celtic. The problems are about the socks, which are too tight, as well as the authentic version of Adidas' 2023-2024 goalkeeper kit.


Arsenal’s goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has switched to replica shorts because he did not like the fit of the authentic shorts. He only wore the authentic shorts in pre-season but opted for the replica for the start of the campaign.

Arsenal's kitmen has even been stretching the socks ahead of every game

The Arsenal socks are also too tight. The kitmen has even been stretching them ahead of every game, Footy Headlines have been told.

The reason for the socks being too tight is the graphic design incorporated into the socks is restricting their stretch. Gabriel Jesus has resorted to cutting holes in the socks to reduce calf pressure.

Manchester United

Onana from Manchester United is not happy with the authentic kit as it is either too small (or too long if he goes one size up). The socks of Manchester United are too tight as well - instead of stretching them, Manchester United opted to wear standard Adidas socks without the graphic.


Meanwhile, Celtic wear standard white socks as their custom socks are too tight and not being used anymore. For the away kit, many players cut holes in the socks.

Other teams may have some minor problems as well, but there is no confirmation yet. The breathability of the Adidas 2023-2024 authentic kits is not optimal as well, but with the cold weather, this should be no problem in the coming months.

Are you facing similar issues with your Adidas kits? Let us know in the comments below.