AFC Bournemouth Comments About Leaked Logo, But What They Say Is Not True

On Sunday, a new AFC Bournemouth logo was leaked. A few hours later, President of Business Jim Frevola (@jimfrevola) commented on the leaked Bournemouth logo, but he is not telling the 100% truth.

AFC Bournemouth President of Business Comments About Leaked Logo, but He is Not Saying the Total Truth

Old concept by Daniel Norris vs leaked logo.

Frevola says that "nothing is to see here," but this is not true. His other comments are also a matter of interpretation. We take a look at every comment.

"Nothing to see here"

This is totally wrong. The leaked Bournemouth logo has been created by popular designer Daniel Norris (@DanKNorris). Daniel created retro retake logos for all English teams some years ago. His retro logos also included a very similar design for Bournemouth, which the club certainly has seen and liked to become a club crest.

In fact, as spotted by one of our followers (Big thanks to rOQIQNWzKO for making us aware), Michael B. Jordan wore a Bournemouth hoodie with the logo designed by Daniel K Norris two months ago.

Bournemouth could release a special kit with the crest designed by Michael B. Jordan

But that's not all. Jordan will also be designing a special Bournemouth kit, to be launched "soon". The kit he's designing is probably going to have the logo as well.

"The trademark logo people are reading about today is all part of securing our logos for future use (think retail đź‘€)."

This is inaccurate. It is not just an old crest that the club is now registering as a trademark. Instead, it is a new crest building on the 1981-1983 logo.

"We wouldn’t consider changing this primary beauty of a badge without significant fan consultation."

This statement is right and, of course, sounds great. However, this is indeed an obligation. In 2022, the FA introduced new rules stating that clubs must consult with fans and have the approval of the majority before making any changes to the club crest or home shirt colors. So Bournemouth could not change its crest without asking fans.

What is right is that the leaked AFC Bournemouth logo will certainly not become the club's new logo for the 2024-2025 season already, as there would not be enough time to consult fans.

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