Failed Quality Control: Swoosh Comes Off Nike Cristiano Ronaldo Boots

Update: The Swoosh on Cristiano Ronaldo's Nike Mercurial football boots has completely come off, leaving the impression that CR7 is playing in brand-less boots. The area where the Swoosh was placed is still subtly visible. The Swoosh on Bruno Fernandes' boots has also completely come off.

Update: After Bruno Fernandes, Garnacho is now also facing the problem with the Swoosh peeling off his Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 8 boots. Thanks to Vietnamese football boots expert Phân Tích Giày (who is also the author of this post) for the spot.

The Swoosh on the Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 8 football boots is badly heat-applied to the boots - as noted by German boots expert David Rau, it could come off when players heat their boots ahead of games for a better fit.

12 March 2024: During the recent match between Manchester United and Everton, Bruno's Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 8 boots had a Swoosh logo that was almost completely peeled off. This raises questions about the quality of Nike's product finishing.

The Swoosh is Peeling Off on Mercurial Dream Speed 8 Shoes

Bruno's Nike MDS 008 boot has a peeling Swoosh logo on both sides of the shoe. The inner side is completely peeled off, while the outer side only has a little bit left.

The peeling of the Swoosh is likely to be caused by the intensity of the game and frequent contact with the ball in the area of the Swoosh.

Not only Bruno Fernandes, but Leroy Sane also had the same problem with the Swoosh peeling off, but to a lesser extent.

This makes us skeptical about the product quality of the Nike MDS 008 shoes.

In the latest updated pictures of Valverde and Mbappe, the Dream Speed 8 shoes of these two players are normal, with no signs of defects.

Recently, Adidas also had problems with the Predator 24 boots due to the sole plate breaking.

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