Adidas Kroos Adipure 11Pro Champions League 2024 Final Edition - Will He Wear Them?

As with the Champions League 2022 final, Adidas has created a special Adipure 11Pro white/gold boot for Kroos for the 2024 Champions League final, which takes place today. Will he wear them?

Special Adipure TK 11Pro White/Gold Champions League 2024 Final Edition

The special Adidas Kroos Champions League 2024 final edition boots are based on the new Adipure 11Pro White/Gold and feature additional ID details such as Kroos' wife and children's names, final match information (2024 UCL Final, 01 June - London).

In addition, the German flag is printed on the heel of the shoe and the Champions League logo is also included in the letter O of the '11Pro'.

However, no one can be sure whether Kroos will wear it in the 2024 Champions League final. Remember, Adidas also provided Kroos with new 11Pro boots for the 2022 UCL final, but Kroos still used the old boots in that year's final.

In the final training session at Wembley, Toni Kroos was still wearing the old white/gold Adipure 11Pro boots (no UCL 2024 final match details). Therefore, Footy Headlines believes that the possibility of Kroos using the new boots is extremely low.

Do you think Kroos will be wearing the new white/gold 11Pro in the 2024 Champions League final? Comment below.