Lazio 15-16 Kits Released

Lazio have just revealed the new Lazio 15-16 Third Kit, set for a debut in the Italian Super Cup on August 8. The new Macron Lazio 2015-2016 Home and Third Kits introduce a clean design for the Italian Serie A club, who will play in the 15-16 UEFA Champions League play-offs.

Macron again makes the new Lazio 15-16 Jerseys, which boast a sponsorless design. The new Macron SS Lazio 15-16 Home Kit was debuted in the Coppa Italia final against Juventus on May 20, while the Lazio 15-16 Third Kit was revealed on July 6.

Lazio 2015-2016 Home Kit

This is the new Lazio 2015-16 Home Shirt.

After Lazio introduced a stunning stylized eagle kit for the 2014-2015 season, the new Lazio 2015-16 Home Shirt features a fresh design. The light blue Lazio 15-16 Home Shirt boasts a unique white color gradient on the front created with differently sized Polka dots, which fades out to the bottom.

The collar of the new Lazio 2015-2016 Kit is a modern, crew-neck-inspired collar, while the inner shirt shows the writing “Noi l’Amiamo e Per Lei Combattiamo” (“We love her and we fight for her”).

Which shorts and socks complete the clean design of the new SS Lazio 2015-16 Home Kit.

Lazio 15-16 Away Shirt

This is the new Macron Lazio 15-16 Away Jersey.

The new SS Lazio 2015-2016 Away Kit is mainly black with a sky blue stylized eagle on the front, similar to Lazio's 115-years anniversary "Eagle Shirt".

Lazio 15-16 Third Jersey

This is the new Lazio 2015-16 Third Kit.

The new Lazio 2015-2016 Third Shirt features the inverted colors of Lazio's new home kit. The white Lazio 15-16 Third Shirt boasts the unique color gradient on the chest area, while the collar is navy with sky blue trim and the sleeve cuffs are navy.

The shorts and the socks of the new SS Lazio 2015-2016 Third Kit are white.

Lazio 15-16 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the new Macron SS Lazio 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Home Shirt.

The new Macron Lazio 15-16 Goalkeeper Kit is red with a tonal gradient design at the bottom. A red v-collar with dark red trim round off the new Lazio Goalkeeper Kit.

Clean. The new Lazio 2015-2016 Home, Away and Third Shirts feature a unique design. What do you think of Lazio's new kits for the 2015-16 season?