Adidas 21-22 Elite Teams Third Kits Info Leaked - 1990s EQT Inspired - Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Man Utd & Real Madrid

Update: The Juve 21-22 third kit as well as images of various Adidas 21-22 third kit products were leaked. All this not only confirms the EQT inspiration but also the accent colors of the jerseys. We updated the article with all the latest info and leaks.

For the 2021-22 season, Adidas will release a collection of football kits for their five top clubs inspired by the EQT designs of the 1990s - here is all about the Adidas 21-22 third kits for Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

LEAKED: Adidas 21-22 Third Kits To Bring Back 1990s 2-Colored Adidas Logo & EQT Designs

Adidas 21-22 Third Kits

Inspired by the Adidas EQT 1990s collection, the Adidas 21-22 top club third kits will boast a two-colored Adidas logo.

The colors of the Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid 21-22 third jerseys are inspired by famous alternative kits of each club of 1990s - in example, yellow / blue for Juventus and blue for Manchester United.

None of the Adidas 21-22 'Top Club' third kits has been fully leaked yet. We expect them to boast unique looks with a new template specifically created for them.

Adidas 21-22 Third Kit Tees

Arsenal FC Adidas 2021-2022 Third Kit

The Adidas Arsenal 2021-22 third jersey is mainly navy (Mystery Blue).

Arsenal 21-22 Third Kit Info Leaked

Bayern München Adidas 21-22 Third Shirt

After this season's third shirt featured a modern look, the Adidas Bayern München 2021-2022 third shirt will bring back the vibes of the 1990s.

LEAKED: Bayern München 21-22 Third Kit To Bring Back 1990s EQT Memories

Juventus 2021-2022 Third Kit

Featuring an outstanding design, the adidas Juventus 21-22 third jersey combines a yellow base ('Shock Yellow') with 'Hi-res Blue' and white. The fronf and lower back of the shirt feature blue and yellow blocks of color, with a pair of chevrons towards the lower part of the shirt standing out in particular.

Juventus 21-22 Third Kit Design Leaked

Manchester United 2021-2022 Third Kit

The Adidas Man United 21-22 third football shirt will have main color Glory Blue. The accent colors are black and yellow.

Manchester United 21-22 Third Kit Info Leaked

Adidas Real Madrid 2021-22 Third Shirt

The Adidas Real Madrid CF 2021-22 third shirt will have a look inspired by the Adidas Equipment line of the 1990s. The Adidas Real Madrid CF 2021-22 third jersey will have a EQT-inspired two-tone Adidas logo and a turquoise main color.

LEAKED: Real Madrid 21-22 Third Kit To Boast 1990s EQT Inspired Look

The Adidas 21-22 third kits are set to be released in August 2021.

Adidas Tiro EQT 21-22 Collection Leaked

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