FC Barcelona Forced By UEFA To Modify 21-22 Nike Away Kit?

FC Barcelona might have to alter their 2021-2022 away kit to apply with the official UEFA Equipment Regulations.

UEFA Equipment Regulations Ban Reflective / Color-Changing Elements

As per Article 8.04 of the official UEFA Equipment Regulations, material that is "reflective or changes its color under any external influence (pressure, light, water, etc.)" is forbidden. The Barca 21-22 away shirt comes with iridescent seams & logos, which change its appearance depending on the angle.

No material may be reflective or change its color
UEFA Equipment Regulations, Article 8.04: No material used in the construction of playing attire may be reflective or change its color or appearance under any external influence (pressure, light, water, etc.). This includes material used for numbers, player names, sponsors or charity logos.

Barca did not wear their Nike 2021-22 away kit in the Champions League yet. In the match away against Benfica, FC Barcelona will use their old 2019-20 Senyera kit.

This video nicely shows off how the crest of the Barcelona kit is changing colors

Do you think Barcelona will have to make edits to the iridescent parts of the 21-22 away kit? Comment below.