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Adidas Al Hilm 2022 World Cup Boots Pack Leaked - Current & Next-Gen Predator In One Collection?

Update: We have received new information about the Al Hilm 2022 World Cup football boots pack. It is set to be released in late November/early December 2022, and possibly also includes the white/black next-generation Adidas Predator Accuracy worn by a few players. We have updated the article with all the latest info.

What makes it uncertain if the white/black next-generation Adidas Predator Accuracy boots are included is the fact that they lack gold.

For the 2022 World Cup, Adidas are going to release another stylish football boots pack - the Al Hilm Pack, the second Adidas 2022 World Cup soccer cleats collection.

Adidas have two World Cup boot packs

Adidas release two boot packs for the 2022 World Cup. The main pack, called Al Rihla, and a second pack, called Al Hilm.

The second Adidas 2022 World Cup boots pack is called "Al Hilm". "AL HILM" is the transliteration of Arabic characters that have the meaning of "the dream".

In fact, Adidas registered a trademark for the name Al Hilm in November 2021. It mainly covers footballs as well as other sporting goods. Adidas are also going to release a special gold 2022 World Cup football called "Al Hilm".

Al Hilm: Adidas 2022 World Cup Soccer Cleats Collection

Adidas combine the main color white with black and gold for the 2022 World Cup Al Hilm football boots collection. It is a stylish color combo that is sure to be a hit.

The Adidas 2022 World Cup boots pack includes the current-generation Copa Sense, the current-generation Adidas Predator Edge, the Adidas X Speedportal, as well as the next-gen Adidas Predator Accuracy.

Just as all other Adidas performance stuff for the 2022 World Cup, the Adidas Al Hilm pack features the new Adidas Performance logo.

Adidas Copa Sense '2022 World Cup' - White/Black/Gold

Adidas' 2022 World Cup Copa football boots have a clean and stylish look. They combine a white base with black logos and golden applications.

White/Black Adidas Predator Accuracy Soccer Cleats

The new white & black Adidas Predator Accuracy boots have a very modern look that put the highlights on the silo's trademark elements - the bold Three Stripes and the passing/shooting elements.

Adidas Edge Predator 'Al Hilm' - White/Black/Metallic Gold

The Adidas Edge Predator 'Al Hilm' boots have a sophisticated design in white, black, and gold. They have a white upper with black applications and logos, combined with Metallic Gold for the gradient-effect outsole.

Adidas X Speedportal+ 'Al Hilm' - White/Black/Metallic Gold

The 'White/Black/Metallic Gold' Adidas X Speedportal+ soccer cleats have the same color scheme and design as the other cleats of the collection. They combine a white upper with black logos and metallic gold for the sole plate effect.

The Adidas 2022 World Cup boot collections releases in late November/early December 2022.

Do you look like the Al Hilm Adidas 2022 World Cup soccer cleats pack? Comment below.