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Inspired by Adidas Tango: Retro Adidas Gotán Argentum Ball Released

Adidas have launched a retro version of the Gotán Argentum ball, taking design inspiration from the much-loved Tango.

Retro Adidas Gotán Argentum released

Adidas are the official ball supplier to the Superliga Argentina and the ball they produced for the 2022 campaign turned a few heads when it was released earlier this year. Identical to the Adidas Al Rihla World Cup 2022 ball from a technical standpoint, orange and purple were blended together across the panels of the Gotán Argentum, using an enlarged modified form of the "triad" shape associated with the iconic Adidas Tango which was introduced in 1978.

The first version of the Tango was produced for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, so it is fitting that Adidas pay tribute to it by combining its classic design with the colours of the current Superliga ball. In reality, the colours and name are all it has in common with the Gotán Argentum, as the visual design, panel structure and general aesthetic are much closer to those of the Tango. There is no high-spec version of the ball available.

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