Neymar Wears Unreleased Next-gen Puma Boots in Training

Neymar was spotted wearing a pair of unreleased blackout Puma boots in training yesterday. It's not the first time Neymar has been spotted wearing this model of boots after he already did so back in August.

Ever since joining Puma in 2020, Neymar has been wearing cleats from the 'Future' line, so it's safe to assume that we're looking at the next-gen Puma Future here. This is supported by the look of the boots, which have a similar look overall to the current Puma Future Z 1.4.

Neymar Wears Next-gen Puma Future Boots in Training

Although the boots worn by Neymar are totally black, we can make out a zig-zag shape that goes all the way around the tongue area of the shoe.

Curiously, the lacing system appears to have undergone and the most changes and seems almost totally revamped.

Puma Future Z 1.4

Stay tuned for more about the upcoming Puma Future, possibly called the 'Puma Future Z 1.5', over the coming months. Considering Puma's yearly release cycle and the fact that the Future Z 1.4 was first unveiled in February of this year, it looks like the unveiling and release of the next-gen Puma Future, as previewed by Neymar, is still a few months away.

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