Dozens of 22-23 Kits From 32 GBP (35 EUR)

Football fans, get ready for a massive sale on 2022-23 football kits with up to 65% off by Kitbag, the probable largest football kit retailer in the world. The sale includes almost all of the 22-23 kits from top teams, including Barcelona, Manchester City, Liverpool, AS Roma, and Ajax.

Buy Now: 2022-23 Replica Kits From 32 GBP (35 EUR) - Up to 65% Off

2022-23 Football Kit Sale at Kitbag

Barcelona's away stadium shirt for 2022-23 is available for just €44.50 with the code, a 50% discount from its regular price of €89.99. Meanwhile, Manchester City's away shirt is available for just €35.62, a 60% discount from its regular price of €90.00.

Buy Now: 2022-23 Replica Kits From 32 GBP (35 EUR) - Up to 65% Off

Newcastle United's alternate shirt and home shirt for 2022-23 are also on sale for €35.62 and €49.20, respectively. Ajax's third shirt is available for just €41.56, while Liverpool's away vapor match shirt and home stadium shirt for 2022-23 are available for €59.37 and €52.46, respectively.

If you're looking to get your child a new kit, the sale also includes the Newcastle United home shirt and Manchester City away shirt for 2022-23, both available for just €29.69 and €32.66, respectively.

Barcelona Away Stadium Shirt 2022-23: NEW € 44.50 (OLD: €89.99)

Manchester City Away Shirt 2022-23: NEW € 35.62 (OLD: €90.00)

Newcastle United Alternate Shirt 2022-23: NEW € 35.62 (OLD: €78.00)

Ajax Third Shirt 2022-23: NEW € 41.56 (OLD: €90.00)

Liverpool Away Vapor Match Shirt 2022-23: NEW € 59.37 (OLD: €139.99)

Liverpool Home Stadium Shirt 2022-23: NEW € 52.46 (OLD: €87.44)

Bayern Third Shirt 2022-23: NEW € 52.60 (OLD: €90.00)

AS Roma Home Shirt 2022-23: NEW € 49.20 (OLD: €82.00)

Newcastle United Home Shirt 2022-23 - Kids: NEW € 29.69 (OLD: €60.00)

AS Monaco 2022-23 Away: NEW € 54 (OLD: €90.00)

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Buy Now: 2022-23 Replica Kits From 32 GBP (35 EUR) - Up to 65% Off

It's a great opportunity for football enthusiasts to grab the latest kits from their favorite teams at a discounted price. The sale is expected to be popular, so act fast to avoid missing out on the chance to upgrade your football wardrobe. Don't miss the chance to show your support for your favorite team in style.

Will you gt any od these kits? Which 2022-2023 football kits did you already got? Comment below.