Leaked 24-25 Kits Recreated for EA Sports FC

A lot of images and information about the elite teams 24-25 kits have been leaked so far. Based on our leaks, FIFA graphics modder @Rode1Kits has created mock-ups of the EA Sport FC 2024 kits to see what they look like.

It's important to note that most of these are not yet final designs.

Elite Teams 24-25 Kits Mock-up

All 24-25 concept kits have been designed based on the leaked information from Footy Headlines to give you a more intuitive look.

Manchester United 24-25 Kits

  • Manchester United 24-25 Home Kit
  • Manchester United 24-25 Away Kit
  • Manchester United 24-25 Third Kit

Real Madrid 24-25 Kits

  • Real Madrid 24-25 Home Kit
  • Real Madrid 24-25 Away Kit
  • Real Madrid 24-25 Third Kit

Barcelona 24-25 Kits

  • Barcelona 24-25 Home Kit
  • Barcelona 24-25 Away Kit

Although the Barcelona 24-25 away shirt design is real, Barcelona has denied it. The club said that the second shirt design for the 2024-25 season "neither been approved nor ordered by the club".

  • Barcelona 24-25 Third Kit

Liverpool 24-25 Away Kit

Chelsea 24-25 Home Kit

Arsenal 24-25 Home Kit

England 2024 Home Kit

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France 2024 Home Kit

Would you like to see these kits come to fruition? Let us know in the comments below.