What 6 Not Fully Leaked 2024-25 Kits Could Look

The amount of leaked information about the elite teams' 24-25 kits is increasing by the day. Based on the leaked color information, graphic designer @jpereira_design has created mock-ups of six 24-25 kits to see what they would look like.

6 2024-25 Football Kit Mock-Ups - Based on Leaked Colors Only

The football kit mock-ups by @jpereira only represent the leaked colors but not the leaked designs. This means that the overall feeling is correct (e.g. the colors), but the final looks will be different for each shirt.

Jordan PSG 24-25 Third Kit

The Jordan PSG 2024-25 third kit introduces a fresh pink color for the French capital club, called "Rust Pink". The "Rust Pink" main color will be combined with black - the striking pink won't be part of the final kit.

Chelsea 24-25 Kits Mock-Ups - Colors Only

Chelsea 24-25 Home Kit

Chelsea's actual home kit will have orange outlined chrome logos

The Chelsea 2024-2025 home kit will feature orange as the tertiary color. Footy Headlines can reveal that Nike's design will be much different - the logos are set to have a chrome effect with an orange chrome outline (more on it in a separate article later).

Chelsea 24-25 Away Kit

Guava Ice/Team Orange/Rush Blue - The Chelsea 24-25 away kit has a very interesting color scheme, which is sure to create a good combo with the home kit.

Chelsea 24-25 Third Kit

Like all other Nike 24-25 third kits, the Chelsea 2024-2025 third shirt comes with an upside-down Swoosh. We expect the prediction on our website before to be more accurate - prepare to see an all-over pattern.

Bayern Munich 24-25 Third Kit

Bayern's 24-25 third kit is set to be one of the most classic in the 2024-2025 season. It has a cream main color, combined with maroon. The Trefoil logo replaces the modern Adidas Performance logo.

Celtic 24-25 Home Kit

Celtic's 2024-2025 home kit is the shirt with the fewest info available of the six. The mock-up has a classic look with black detailing - we expect the final kit to have similar stripes but not black.

In addition, @jpereira_design has created many other 24-25 concept kits, but they are not based on leaked colors. If you're interested, you can check all of them out on the designer's Instagram page.

Would you like to see these concept kits come to fruition? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to follow @jpereira for all of his concepts.