Have Nike & Cristiano Settled Their Dispute?

Update - 30 March 2024: Cristiano Ronaldo has finally switched to the Nike Mercurial Dream Speed football boots - six weeks after they were launched and after he did not wear the previous Dream Speed edition at all.

It's not known whether Nike and CR7 have settled their disputes. A closer look shows that Nike printed a CR7 logo on the outside of the shoe. The CR7 branding was removed from the retail version of the shoes at the last minute.

Meanwhile, the collar still seems to be cut off slightly.

17 February 2024: Nike Wants Cristiano to Wear Mercurial Dream Speed 8 Boots, but Will He?

In a recent post about the Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 8, Nike tagged Ronaldo and expressed the hope that Ronaldo will wear the Nike MDS 008 in the near future. But will Ronaldo wear them or not?

Cristiano Ronaldo to Wear Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 8 ??

As you know, the Dream Speed boots series is inspired by Ronaldo. However, since the MDS 007 shoe was released, Ronaldo has never worn it. This shows that Ronaldo will likely not wear Nike Dream Speed 8 shoes.

In a recent post on Twitter about the Dream Speed 8, Nike tagged Ronaldo and many other elite Mercurial ambassadors such as Mbappe, Garnacho, Vinicius and Sane. This shows that Nike wants Ronaldo to wear the MDS 008 boots, but whether he does or not is up to him.

Ronaldo has worn every previous Nike MDS from MDS 001 to MDS 006.

Previously, Ronaldo surprised everyone by cutting off the collar of his Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 boots.

This change suggests that a shift may happen between Ronaldo and Nike. Typically, Nike customizes boots for top players.

Do you think Ronaldo will wear the Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 8 boots? Do you think Nike and Cristiano Ronaldo are having a hard time? Let us know in the comments below.