All 19-20 Bundesliga Kits - Overview | 54 Home, Away & Third Jerseys

With the Bundesliga finally having finally started this weekend, let's take a detailed look at all Bundesliga 19-20 kits, including Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Schalke and Wolfsburg.

2019-2020 German Bundesliga Jerseys

Image via Todo Sobre Camisetas



A bespoke color choice for the Bavarian club, Augsburg's 2019-2020 home shirt is white with green sleeves, based on the Vapor Knit template.

Augsburg 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released


A much more simple one: the new Augsburg away jersey is all-red with white logos, while also being based on the Vapor Knit template.


Augsburg's 2019-2020 third shirt might just edge it to be the best out of the three. Although it's also based on the Vapor Knit template, it doesn't really show.


Augsburg's new goalkeeper football shirt is based on the Park template in volt and black, a very simple and vibrant look.

Bayer Leverkusen


Bayer Leverkusen's new home jersey is predominantly red with a subtle diagonal striping pattern. The collar and sleeve cuffs are black.

Leverkusen 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released


Last season's home becomes the Jako Leverkusen 19-20 away jersey.


The Jako Bayer Leverkusen 2019-20 third shirt takes the home design and reimagines it in two shades of grey, with black used for all logos.

Bayern Munich


The Adidas Bayern 2019-20 home jersey is red with white logos on the front and an Allianz Arena-inspired graphic print on the front. The back and the sleeves of the Bayern Munich 2019-2020 shirt are solid red, with a slightly lighter shade being used for the sleeve cuffs and the 3 Stripes, which sit on the shoulders.

Bayern Munich 19-20 Home Kit Released


The new Bayern Munich away jersey is predominantly white with white applications. A simple crew-neck collar is used for the Bayern Munich 2019-2020 away shirt, while the 3 Stripes can be seen on the shoulders in light grey.

Bayern München 19-20 Away Kit Released


Quite a bit like the Manchester United 19-20 third kit, the new Bayern third / Champions League kit combines a navy base with bright orange / red.

Bayern Munich 19-20 Third Kit Released

Goalkeeper Home

A modern look based on the AdiPro 19 template, Adidas' goalkeeper template for the 2019-2020 season, the Adidas Bayern München 2019-2020 goalkeeper jersey is green with white logos and a modern all-over graphic pattern.

Bayern München 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit Released



The new Bremen 19-20 home kit features the more traditional, saturated green of the club. It has a white collar and features very subtle pinstriping on the body.

Werder Bremen 19-20 Home and Away Kits Released

Based on Umbro's goalkeeper template for the upcoming season, the Werder Bremen 2019-2020 goalkeeper home & away kits are mainly yellow respectively red in combination with a stunning graphic pattern.


The Bremen 2019-2020 away jersey is similarly classy. It's almost entirely white with green logos, this time featuring a full-color variant of the Wiesenhof logo.


Werder Bremen's new 2019-20 third jersey is black with dark green trim and an eye-catching pattern on the front. The logos are white.

Bremen 19-20 Third Kit Released



The Dortmund 2019-20 kit stays true to the club's roots, combining yellow and black. It comes with a special pattern on the shoulders area and the top of the sleeves.

Borussia Dortmund 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Puma Borussia Dortmund 2019-2020 away shirt is predominantly black with silver-metallic details, inspired from Dortmund's history in the steel industry.

Borussia Dortmund 19-20 Away Kit Released


The Borussia Dortmund 2019-20 Champions League jersey is predominantly 'cyber yellow', which is the color Puma has been using the for the club's yellow shirts for some years.

Borussia Dortmund 19-20 Champions League Kit Released

Eintracht Frankfurt


Nike's Eintracht Frankfurt 19-20 home kit introduces a bold design in the club's traditional colors - black, white and red.

Eintracht Frankfurt 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


A very clean look, in stark contrast to the home, the new Frankfurt away jersey is white without any fancy patterns or graphics.


Based on the Nike Park IV template, the Frankfurt 19-20 third shirt is gold with black logos and a subtle ribbed pattern - this is inspired by locally common cider glasses, which are called 'Geripptes'.

Cider-Inspired Pattern: Eintracht Frankfurt 19-20 Third Kit Released

Fortuna Düsseldorf


As in the successful current season, the home jersey for the next Bundesliga year is once again be dedicated to "tradition", one of the core values of the Fortuna DNA.

Fortuna Düsseldorf 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Düsseldorf's new away football shirt for the coming 2019-20 Bundesliga season is under the Fortuna DNA core value "home". Different shades of red - from light to dark - form the basic colour of the Fortuna's 2019-2020 away shirt.

Fortuna Düsseldorf 19-20 Away Kit Released


Opposing to the club's new home shirt, which is dedicated to "tradition", the third jersey for the next Bundesliga season is all about "community", and therefore inspired by the fans.

Glow In The Dark Crest | Stunning Fortuna Düsseldorf 19-20 Third Kit Released



The Freiburg 2019-20 home jersey returns to the club's traditional look consisting of red and black stripes. Freiburg's new 19-20 home kit features five black stripes on the front, while the sleeves, expect for the trademark Hummel chevrons, and back are solid red.

Hummel SC Freiburg 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released


Similar to the club's home shirt, the Freiburg 2019-20 away jersey comes with five black stripes on a white base, whereas the sleeves and back are solid white. A simple crew-neck collar with black at the front as well as a red 'Hummel' supplier logo round off the sleek design.


Completing the set, SC Freiburg's 2019-2020 third jersey introduces a garish look in purple and fluo yellow.



The new Gladbach 19-20 kit is of course predominantly white with a pyro-inspired black and green smoke pattern. Yellow is present in the form of the unpopular Postbank sponsor background.

Borussia Mönchengladbach 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Gladbach 2019-20 away jersey is predominantly 'team light blue' with 'peacoat' logo and accents. Based on the same template as the Dortmund home and Milan away, the Gladbach 2019-2020 away shirt boasts dark blue sleeves with a light blue stripe at the top of each.

Borussia Mönchengladbach 19-20 Away Kit Released


The Borussia Mönchengladbach 3rd Kit 2019-2020 commemorates the 100th anniversary of the building of the club's iconic old stadium - the Bökelbergstadion. It's 'Amazon Green' with white applications and logos.

Gladbach 19-20 Third Kit Released - Inspired by Old Bökelberg Stadium

Hertha BSC


The new Hertha Berlin 2019-20 home jersey features a very traditional look, in stark contrast to the very unusual one used in the season before. It's blue with two white stripes on the front and a blue collar, based on the Nike Vapor template.

Hertha Berlin 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


The Hertha Berlin 19-20 away shirt introduces a halved design in red and black, inspired by the colors of Berlin. In a very Galatasaray-esque way, even the sleeves and neckline are split between black on the right and red on the left side, i.e. the opposite of the body.


Based on the Nike Tiempo Premier teamwear, the Nike Hertha Berlin 19-20 third jersey introduces a clean look in grey and black. Black accents feature in the form of a stripe along each side and a black Nike Swoosh, while a full-color variant of the TEDi logo is used.

Hertha Berlin 19-20 Third Kit Released



Introducing a bold look, the new Hoffenheim 19-20 home shirt combines the club's traditional blue and white colors.

Joma Hoffenheim 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released


Made by Joma, Hoffenheim's new 2019-2020 away jersey introduces a very simple design in mint and dark green. The 1899 Hoffenheim 19-20 away kit pairs a mint base with a full-color variant of the club's logo and a dark green 'Joma' logo, while the regular 'SAP' logo is used.

Mint Hoffenheim Joma 19-20 Away Kit Released


The 1899 Hoffenheim 19-20 home kit pairs a black base with a subtle checker pattern as well as white 'SAP' and 'Joma' logos, while a two-colored black / white rendition of the Hoffenheim logo sits opposite to the supplier's logo.

Joma Hoffenheim 19-20 Third Kit Released



The the new Koln home football shirt remains traditionally white with red accents around the bottom of the sleeves, as well as the shoulders and neckline.

Köln 19-20 Bundesliga Home, Away And Third Kits Released


The away top is once again completely red, with a different shade of red across the shoulders.


1. FC Köln's new 2019-20 third football shirt is a special tribute to Köln and to the Dom. The dark blue with accents of yellow sees the Dom imprinted across the front.


The Köln 2019-2020 keeper kits boast striking and modern designs in flashy colors to stand out.

RB Leipzig


The RB Leipzig 19-20 home jersey combines a white base with a stunning light grey all-over pattern, while a red Nike swoosh sits on the right chest, opposite of a full-color variant of RB Leipzig's logo.

RB Leipzig 19-20 Home & Away Kits Revealed


Leipzig's new 2019-2020 away shirt brings a pretty basic look. It's predominantly dark blue with red logos.


Based on the Nike Dry Challenge II template, the Leipzig 2019-20 fourth shirt is red with a subtle camouflage pattern and a buttoned collar.

Leipzig 19-20 Fourth Kit Released



The new Mainz home shirt is modern with traditional elements and boasts an overall clean, low-key aesthetic. The shirt has a red base with a subtle woven pattern, while there's white and grey detailing on the v-collar.

Mainz 19-20 Home, Away And Third Kits Released


Based on the same template as the home shirt, the new Mainz's new 2019-2020 away football shirt is white and red with grey detailing.


An unusual color combination for the team, the the new Mainz 19-20 third jersey is dark forest / military green, light green and white.


Home, Away and Third

The new Paderborn home shirt features the club's trademark look of blue and black stripes with a modern twist. The black stripes fade towards the bottom and result in a black upper part on the Paderborn 2019-2020 home shirt by Saller. Blue sleeve cuffs and a intriguing blue collar complete the modern design of the Paderborn 19-20 home kit.

Paderborn 19-20 Home & Away & Third Bundesliga Kits Revealed



The Schalke 2019-20 home shirt is predominantly blue and features an overall simple, clean look. The logos on the front are all white.

Schalke 19-20 Home Kit Released


Predominantly white, the Schalke 04 19-20 away jersey has dark blue and green cuffs - the green is likely inspired by the colors of the city of Gelsenkirchen, just like several alternative Schalke jerseys by Adidas were.

Schalke 19-20 Away Kit Released


The Umbro Schalke 19-20 third jersey is black with white logos and an eye-catching dotted gradient graphic on the front. This aspect of Schalke 04's 2019-2020 third shirt is inspired by the hardcore supporters in the famous Nordkurve.

Schalke 19-20 Third Kit Released

Goalkeeper Home

Based on the regular Umbro template, the Schalke 19-20 goalkeeper home shirt is orange with light blue accents and white logos.

Union Berlin


Dropping the white sleeves from last year, the new Union Berlin 2019-2020 home football shirt is all-red, with just a bit of white trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs.

Union Berlin 19-20 Home Kit Released


A very clean look, the new Union Berlin away football shirt has a white-grey melange fabric and red accents on the collar and cuffs.

Union Berlin 19-20 Away & Third Kits Released


Union's new 19-20 third shirt is mainly dark blue with bright green trim, while green supplier and club logos complete the design.


The new Union Berlin goalkeeper football shirt is lime green and black, based on the regular Macron template for goalkeepers.

Werder Bremen

Home and Home

Fight Against Coronavirus: Werder Bremen 19-20 Home, Away & Third #StayAtHome Special-Edition Kits Released

Away and Home

Third and Home

The special-edition jerseys are available to buy in the official Werder online store for €45.

VfL Wolfsburg


A bold look that is sure to split opinion amongst the club's supporters, the new Wolfsburg home shirt is predominantly dark green with an eye-catching 'X' graphic appearing on the front in light green.

New VW Logo: Nike Wolfsburg 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


VfL Wolfsburg's 19-20 away football shirt is much more basic. It's predominantly light blue with the sleeve cuffs and collar featuring a white-green-white stripe design.


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