All 19-20 Serie A Kits - 58 Home, Away & Third Jerseys | Season Kicks Off

The Serie A will kick off on Saturday evening, and almost all of the 20 clubs have launched all of their kits for the new campaign, so there might be no better tiem to take a look at all Serie A 2019-20 home, away and third jerseys.

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The Serie A 19-20 kits overview include the likes of Juventus, Napoli, Roma, Inter and Milan, but also Champions League debutants Atalanta as well as promoted teams Brescia, Hellas Verona and Lecce.



A smart look, the new Atalanta 19-20 home football shirt features Atalanta's trademark style of black and blue stripes and combines it with a ribbed polo collar.

Atalanta 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


Inspired by the 1970s and 80s, the new Atalanta 2019-2020 away jersey features a variant of the club logo that was used during that time. All of the aforementioned home shirt details are present on Atalanta's new 19-20 away football shirt, too.


The new Atalanta Bergamo's 2019-20 third football shirt is anything but common. It is brown with a black / blue stripe on the chest and a 'fashionable' all-over print.

Hilarious | Atalanta 19-20 Third Kit Leaked



The new Bologna home shirt has a simple design in the traditional red and blue colours. Various details such as the rib-knit cuffs and the knitted V neck collar enhance Bologna's new home shirt.

Bologna 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


The Bologna 19-20 away football shirt has a melange, light grey textured design with two diagonal bands in traditional red and blue club colours.


The new Bologna FC 1909's 2019-2020 third football shirt introduces a classic design in dark green and silver with bits of black added in the form of the collar, cuffs and shoulder insets.

115 Euros: Bologna 19-20 Third Kit Released | 110th Anniversary

Brescia Calcio


The new Brescia Calcio 2019-2020 home football shirt features Brescia's trademark look. Predominantly blue, a white 'V' sits on the chest of the new Brescia Calcio 19-20 home football shirt.

Closer Look: Kappa Brescia Calcio 19-20 Home, Away & Third Serie A Kits Revealed


Based on the same template, the new Brescia Calcio 2019-20 away jersey is white with a blue 'V'.


Brescia Calcio's new 19-20 third football shirt is olive green with gold and blue trim on the neck and sleeve cuffs. A subtle graphic can be seen on the front of the new Brescia Calcio 2019-20 third football shirt, inspired by the Brescia badge.



The new Cagliari Calcio 2019-20 home kit respects the tradition by maintaining the trademark half-and-half design of the club - two large vertical stripes in red and blue, both on the front and back. The neck is V-shaped and the backneck is personalized with the logo of the Club. The four moors are embossed on the front on the bottom of the jersey.

Cagliari Calcio 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released


The new Macron Cagliari away kit is white with a melange effect graphic with red and blue details. The collar is Korean style with a red and blue border.


The new Cagliari Calcio 19-20 third kit is dark green with fine tonal vertical stripes. Based on the same template as the home kit, the collar and the sleeve cuffs come are red / blue, inspired by iconic the half-and-half look of the home kit.



Based on this season's LCS template, Fiorentina's new 2019-20 home shirt is of course purple, featuring an overall clean and modern aesthetic.

Fiorentina 19-20 Home Kit Released


Just as in previous years, the Fiorentina 19-20 away kits represent the colors of Florence's four historic city districts- the blues of Santa Croce, the greens of San Giovanni, the reds of Santa Maria Novella and whites of the Holy Spirit. The designs of the jersey is very modern and simple with a seam on the chest area.

Yet Again?! 4 Fiorentina 19-20 Away Kits Released



Genoa's 2019-2020 home football shirt introduces a modern design that stays faithful to Genoa's symbolic red and blue halves. It's based on the latest iteration of the Kappa Kombat Gara template and features a modern aesthetic.

Kappa Genoa 19-20 Home Kit Released


Genoa's 2019-2020 away shirt introduces a very clean design: it's white with a blue-red chest band.

Genoa 19-20 Away Kit Released


Introducing a stunning design, the Kappa Genoa 2019-2020 third jersey combines a white base with a red cross gracing the front. Otherwise, navy accents such as the Kappa 'Omini' logos as well as the collar and sleeve cuffs round off the shirt's look.

Genoa 19-20 Third Kit Revealed

Hellas Verona


The Macron Hellas Verona 2019-2020 home football shirt features the club's traditional colors blue and yellow. A subtle sublimted striping pattern graces the front of the new Hellas 2019-2020 home shirt, while the club name is spelled out on the upper back below the collar.

Hellas Verona 19-20 Home, Away & Third Serie A Kits Released


Similarly classy, the Hellas Verona 19-20 away jersey is predominantly yellow with blue details and logos. Macron used a jacquard print to add an understated horizontal pattern to the design.


Completing the set is Hellas's new 2019-20 third shirt, which is easily the most outstanding one from this collection. As is tradition, the alternative club badge is used on the new Hellas Verona 2019-20 third football shirt.



As already expected following the latest info, the diagonal striping on the Inter 2019-2020 home shirt is restricted to the area around the sponsor. This style is inspired by the iconic 89-90 away shirt, which was produced by Uhlsport. Inter also had diagonal striping inside their crest between 1978 and 1988.

Inter Milan 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


The Inter Milan 2019-20 away shirt is predominantly teal with black logos, as well as accents in black and gold.

Nike Inter Milan 19-20 Away Kit Revealed


The Inter 19-20 third jersey is black with club and supplier logos appearing in yellow. The Pirelli logo on Inter Milan's 2019-2020 third shirt appears in its default, which is a first for the Inter jersey.

Nike Inter 19-20 Third Kit Released



Whereas Juventus' jersey usually features white and black stripes, the Juventus 2019-20 home jersey is half black, half white. Specifically, the right side of the Juventus 19-20 shirt is white and the left one black.

Juventus 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Juventus FC 2019-20 away shirt is predominantly white with 'Raw White' Three Stripes and 'High-Red Red' logos. It features a subtle camouflage pattern on the front, the sleeves and the back.

Juventus 19-20 Away Kit Released


Based on the regular Adidas template, the Juventus 19-20 third jersey is predominantly 'unity blue' with logos in 'aero blue'.

Juventus 19-20 Third Kit Released


Based on the AdiPro 19 template, which we'll also see used by the likes of Bayern, Manchester United and Real Madrid, the new Juventus goalkeeper top is black with an abstract all-over graphic print.

Juventus 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit Released



The Lazio's new home jersey returns to the classic sky blue and white colors of the club. The new Lazio's new 2019-2020 home football shirt has subtle diagonal stripes and white applications.

Lazio 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released


The back neck is personalised with the logo of the club and it’s moto “NOI L’AMIAMO E PER LEI COMBATTIAMO” ("We love it and we fight for her"). On the rear, under the collar is an embossed S.S.LAZIO.


A very clean and smart look, this. Lazio's 19-20 third jersey is mainly navy with a jacquard-printed hoop pattern and sky blue logos and trim.


Based on the 'camouflage' Macron template, the Macron Lazio 2019-2020 goalkeeper shirt is dark grey with lime green logos.


Home, Away and Third

The new Lecce home shirt features the club's trademark look of yellow and red stripes. The shorts are dark blue and socks are red with yellow and blue trim.

Spectacular In-House Lecce 19-20 Home, Away & Third Serie A Kits Revealed



The Milan 2019-2020 home jersey introduces a very classic look with thin black and red stripes, a reference to the club's early days. The stripes not only feature on the front of the Milan 19-20 kit, but also the sleeves and back.

Milan 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


The Milan 19-20 away kit introduces a very clean look in white, black and red. It features the same stripes on the sleeves as the new Dortmund home shirt, which in this case black on the right and red on the left sleeve.

AC Milan 19-20 Away Kit Released


The Milan 2019-20 third jersey is predominantly black with a bold graphic print on the front, and a solid back and sleeves. Just like the new home shirt, the Milan 19-20 third shirt has a simple crew-neck collar, in this case with the back panel showing the colors of the Italian flag - red, white and green.

Milan 19-20 Third Kit Released

SSC Napoli


The new Napoli 2019-20 home jersey is predominantly blue with a pixelated camouflage pattern print, it also has a Korean style collar.

Napoli 19-20 Home Kit Released


The SSC Napoli 2019-20 away jersey has a color that's not usually used by the club. It's Military Green with white logos and light blue trim on the collar and in the form of the sleeve cuffs.

SSC Napoli 19-20 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released


The Kappa SSC Napoli 2019-2020 third jersey is white, combined with sky blue applications.


SSC Napoli's new 2019-2020 Fourth - District jersey is black with an outstanding grey graphic pattern, which delivers a camo vibration. The explanation of the design, however, is not military. Its design is actually a cartographic representation of the 30 neighbourhoods that make up the city of Naples.

Unique Napoli 19-20 Fourth - District Kit Released

Goalkeeper Home

Based on the same template as the player jerseys, Napoli's new 2019-20 goalkeeper home shirt is red with sky blue trim and white logos.

Goalkeeper Away

The new SSC Napoli 19-20 goalkeeper away jersey is dark blue with sky blue details and white logos.



A modern take on the classic Juventus stripes, the new Juventus 2019-20 fourth football shirt features three black stripes on a white base, combined with garish and orange accents.

Retails At Insane 180 Euro - Adidas Juventus Palace 19-20 Fourth Kit - Waiting Room Release



Parma's 2019-20 home football shirt stays true to the club's heritage and roots.

Parma 19-20 Home Kit Released


Reverting the scheme of last season's predominantly yellow away, Parma Calcio's 2019-20 away football shirt is mainly blue with three red hoops on the front.

Parma 19-20 Away Kit Released


The Parma Calcio 19-20 third football shirt introduces an eye-catching and unique design - predominantly black, a blue and yellow phoenix graphic can be seen on the front of the shirt.

Parma 19-20 Third Kit Released

AS Roma


The Roma 2019-20 home shirt has a slightly different base color than this season, and once again combines it with yellow.

Nike AS Roma 19-20 Home Kit Released


Predominantly white, Roma's 2019-2020 away shirt features an eye-catching lightning graphic on the front in shades of red and orange.

AS Roma 19-20 Away Kit Revealed


The Roma 19-20 third shirt is predominantly dark blue with yellow used for the Nike and Qatar Airways logos. On the right chest of the new Roma 2019-2020 third jersey sits the 1990s Nike logo, in line with the brand's new third kit template.

Roma 19-20 Third Kit Released



The new the Macron S.P.A.L. 19-20 home shirt combines the traditional white and blue vertical stripes with golden details.

SPAL 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


The new SPAL Ferrara's 2019-20 away shirt introduces a bold design in gold is with blue-white details on the sleeve cuffs and the colar.


The the SPAL 2019-2020 third jersey is anthracite grey with a Korean neck collar finished in sky blue and sleeves finished with sky blue and gold

SPAL 19-20 Third Kit Released - Unique Touches In Honor Of Ferrara


The new S.P.A.L. 19-20 football shirts retail at 75 Euro.



The Sampdoria 19-20 home jersey introduces a very classy design with a traditional collar and the club's trademark chest band in its rihgt place.

Sampdoria 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


It's quite the shocker. Wherea the new home shirt is as classy as it gets, the Sampdoria 19-20 away shirt is garish and somehow manages to make Sampdoria's beautiful colors look bad.

Sampdoria 19-20 Away Kit Released


A stunning design, the Sampdoria's 2019-2020 third shirt is petroleum blue, combined with white logos.

Beautiful U.C. Sampdoria 19-20 Third Kit Released


Mainly bright green, the Sampdoria 2019-2020 goalkeeper shirt features an intricate graphic design at the top. The sleeves are solid green. The graphic lines design consists of stripes of varying widths and colours seemingly overlapping to create a stunning look.

Stunning Sampdoria 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit Released

Sassuolo Calcio


A new look for the club, Sassuolo's new 19-20 home shirt drops the trademark stripes in a favor of a green gradient style that fades out towards the sides.

Sassuolo 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released


Predominantly white, the new Sassuolo 19-20 away jersey features green hoops on the front and back, while the sleeves are solid white.


Continuing the hoop theme, the new US Sassuolo 2019-2020 third football shirt is blue with tonal hoops and trim in white and green.

Torino FC

Home and Away

Torino's new 19-20 home jersey introduces a very traditional design in maroon and white, with a buttoned collar.

Torino 19-20 Home & Away Kits Revealed


Based on the same template as the away shirt and the Sampdoria 19-20 away strip, the new Torino's 19-20 third football shirt is blue with maroon applications and graphic elements.

Torino 19-20 Third Kit Released



The 19-20 Udinese Calcio home shirt is inspired by the past and features several innovative elements. According to Macron, the design is in fact a reproduction of the 1983-84 season shirt, the glorious one in which the famous Zico played.

Udinese 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released


The new Udinese 19-20 away shirt is orange with a navy blue Korean style collar. A central band down the shirt is made up of vertical pinstripes and an embossed representation of the Mountains of Friuli.


Udinese's 2019-2020 third football shirt introduces a novel look for the Serie A club, combining a grey base with orange accents.

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