2016-17 Kits Overview - All Leaked and Official 16-17 Shirts - Updated 02/08/16

The 2016-17 Kits Overview has been updated once again and now includes even more football shirts for the upcoming season. Offering an handy overview of the top leagues and important clubs from the rest of the world, the 16-17 Kit Overview is the place to check check out all leaked and released 2016-2017 soccer jerseys.

The 16-17 Kit Overview will continue to be updated frequently with the latest 2016-17 shirt leaks, kit supplier changes and everything else happening in the world of kits over the next half year.

2016-2017 Football Kits - Leagues

Premier League

Arsenal 16-17 Home Kit
Arsenal 16-17 Away Kit
Arsenal 2016-17 Third Kit
Arsenal 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit

Puma produces the new Arsenal 16-17 home, away and third kits in its third season at the club. The Arsenal 2016-2017 home jersey is red and white, as usual, while the new Arsenal 16-17 away kit is a throwback to the iconic yellow and grey 2005-07 Arsenal away shirt.

Arsenal 16-17 Pre-Match Shirt

AFC Bournemouth
Bournemouth 16-17 Kit
Bournemouth 16-17 Away Kit
Bournemouth 16-17 Third Kit

The AFC Bournemouth 16-17 kits continue to be made by JD Sports.

Burnley 16-17 Home Kit
Burnley 16-17 Away Kit

The new Burnley 2016-17 jerseys are made by Puma.

Chelsea 16-17 Home Kit
Chelsea 16-17 Away Kit
Chelsea 2016-17 Third Kit
Chelsea 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit

Made by long-term kit supplier Adidas, the new Chelsea 2016-2017 home jersey introduces a proud design, featuring an all-over print of Chelsea lions. After the 2016-17 season, Chelsea and Adidas will part ways.

Chelsea 16-17 Training Jerseys
Chelsea 16-17 Pre-Match Jersey

Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace 16-17 Kits

The new Crystal Palace 16-17 kits are again made by Macron, in the third year of a initial four-year contract.

Everton 16-17 Home Kit
Everton 16-17 Away Kit

Having signed a five-year kit deal in 2014, Umbro produces the Everton 16-17 kits. The new Everton jersey is again expected to feature a unique design.

Hull City
Hull City 16-17 Home Kit
Hull City 16-17 Away Kit

The new Hull City 16-17 kits are made by Umbro.

Leicester City
Leicester City 16-17 Home Kit
Leicester City 16-17 Away Kit
Leicester City 2016-17 Third Kit

Puma produces the new kits for the Premier League surprise champion, with the Leicester City 16-17 kits set to be launched separately ahead of the season.

Liverpool 16-17 Home Kit
Liverpool 16-17 Away Kit
Liverpool 16-17 Third Kit

New Balance again produces the new Liverpool 16-17 jerseys, hoping to reproduce the modern simplicity of the Liverpool 15-16 kits.

Liverpool 16-17 Training & Pre-Match Jerseys

Manchester City
Manchester City 15-16 Home Kit
Manchester City 16-17 Away Kit
Manchester City 2016-17 Third Jersey
Manchester City 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit

Made by Nike, the Manchester City 16-17 home kit returns to blue shorts, a look the club sported for its last two league championships, although in a new, never-seen-before combination.

Manchester City 2016-17 Training Shirt

Manchester United
Manchester United 16-17 Kit
Manchester United 16-17 Away Kit
Manchester United 16-17 Third Kit
Manchster United 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit

In the second year in charge at Old Trafford, Adidas created more modern, adventurous designs, all while keeping in mind and honoring the club's rich history. The Manchester United 16-17 home shirt features an all-new half-and-half design, inspired by the iconic jersey design of Newton Heath, United's predecessor club.

Manchester United 2016-2017 Training Jersey
Manchester United 2016-17 Pre-Match Shirt - 1
Manchester United 16-17 Pre-Match Shirt - 2
Manchester United 16-17 Champions League Training Shirt

Middlesbrough 16-17 Home & Away Kits

The new Middlesbrough 16-17 kits are made by Adidas and feature interesting designs, the away shirt in particular.

Southampton 16-17 Home & Away Kits

Under Armour makes the new Southampton 16-17 kits. The three-year contract with Adidas, having overseen only two releases due to a hiatus in the 2014-15 season, is up after this season.

Stoke City
Stoke City 16-17 Kits

Macron takes over the helm at Stoke City, replacing previous Stoke jersey supplier New Balance.

Sunderland 16-17 Kit
Sunderland 16-17 Third Kit

Under contract with Adidas until at least 2020, the Sunderland 16-17 kits again sport the famous three stripes.

Swansea City 16-17 Kits

Spanish brand Joma produces the new Swansea City 16-17 kits, after the previous five-year deal with Adidas has run out.

Tottenham 16-17 Home Kit
Tottenham Hotspur 16-17 Away Kit
Tottenham Hotspur 16-17 Third Kit

Under Armour makes again the Tottenham Hotspur kits, with the new Spurs 16-17 home and away kits expected to be classy with accents in gold color. No details on the Tottenham Hotspur 16-17 third kit are known as of yet.

Watford 16-17 Home & Away Kits

The new Watford 16-17 are made by Dryworld for the first time.

West Bromwich
West Bromwich 16-17 Kit
West Bromwich 16-17 Away Kit

West Ham United
West Ham 16-17 Kit
West Ham 16-17 Away Kit
West Ham 'Thames Ironworks' Kit

Umbro again produces the West Ham home, away and third kits for the 2016-17 season, the first at the club's new home stadium.

La Liga

Athletic Club 16-17 Home Kit
Athletic Club 16-17 Away Kit

Nike again produces the new Athletic Bilbao 16-17 home and away kits.

Atlético Madrid
Atletico 16-17 Home Kit
Atlético 16-17 Away Kit

The Atlético 2016-2017 home kit is made by Nike, featuring the club's iconic red and white stripes.

FC Barcelona
Barcelona 16-17 Home Kit
Barcelona 2016-17 Away Jersey
Barcelona 16-17 Third Kit
Barcelona 16-17 Goalkeeper Kits

After this season's 2015-16 Barcelona kit boasted hoops for the first time in club history, the new Nike FC Barcelona 16-17 home shirt returns to the more traditional vertical stripes.

The Barcelona 16-17 away kit is purple and pink, while the new Nike Barcelona 2016-2017 third is be teal-colored.

Barcelona 16-17 Pre-Match Jersey
Barcelona 2016-17 Training Kits
Barcelona 16-17 Champions League Pre-Match Shirt
Barcelona 16-17 Match Tee (Home & Away)

Deportivo La Coruña
Deportivo 16-17 Home Kit
Deportivo 16-17 Away Kit
Deportivo 16-17 Third Kit - 110 Years

Real Madrid
Real Madrid 16-17 Home Kit
Real Madrid 2016-2017 Away Kit
Real Madrid 2016-17 Third Kit
Real Madrid 16-17 Goalkeeper Kits

Once again featuring the iconic three stripes of Adidas, several details about the all-new Real Madrid 16-17 home and away kits are already known. The Real Madrid 2016-17 home shirt is white with blue accents, while the Real Madrid 2016-2017 away jersey is predominantly purple for the first time in years.

Real Madrid 16-17 Pre-Match Jersey
Real Madrid 16-17 Training Shirts
Real Madrid 16-17 Font

Sevilla 16-17 Home Kit
Sevilla 16-17 Away Kit
Sevilla 16-17 Third Kit

The new Sevilla 16-17 kits are again made by New Balance, subject to an agreement that's valid until at least 2018.

Valencia 16-17 Home & Away Kits

Adidas produces the new Valencia 2016-2017 home and away kits which heavily feature striking orange trim.

Villarreal 2016-17 Home, Away & Third Kits

The new Villarreal jerseys are made by Joma after the Spanish brand replaced Xtep as Villarreal shirt supplier.


Bayer Leverkusen
Bayer Leverkusen 16-17 Home Kit
Leverkusen 16-17 Away Kit

With Jako taking over from long-term kit partner Adidas, the new Leverkusen 16-17 home kit was already unveiled in February 2016.

Bayern München
Bayern Munich 16-17 Home Kit
Bayern München 2016-17 Away Shirt
Bayern München 16-17 Third Kit
Bayern Munich 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit

For only the second time in club history, the new Bayern München 16-17 kit combines a red shirt with white shorts. Adidas will also unveil new FC Bayern away and third kits in 2016.

FC Bayern 16-17 Training Shirt
Bayern Munich 2016-17 Pre-Match Shirt
Bayern München 16-17 Champions League Training Shirt
Bayern Munich 16-17 Away Windbreaker

Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund 16-17 Kit
Dortmund 16-17 Away Kit
Dortmund 16-17 Champions League Kit

Once again made by domestic brand Puma, the Borussia Dortmund 16-17 home kit introduces a modern striped design.

Borussia Mönchengladbach 16-17 Home Kit
Borussia Mönchengladbach 16-17 Away Kit

Italian brand Kappa produces the new Borussia Mönchengladbach 16-17 kits.

Eintracht Frankfurt
Eintracht Frankfurt 16-17 Home Kit
Frankfurt 16-17 Away & Third Kits

The new Eintracht Frankfurt 2016-2017 home and away kits are made by Nike after the US-giant became Frankfurt's kit supplier in 2014.

SC Freiburg
Freiburg 16-17 Home and Away Kits
Freiburg 16-17 Third Kit

The new SC Freiburg 2016-17 kits are made by Hummel, taking over from Nike.

Hamburger SV
Hamburg 16-17 Home KIt
HSV 16-17 Away Kit

Hamburg remains just one of three Adidas-sponsored teams in Bundesliga, as the German brand is preparing a bold pink away kit for the 2016-17 season as a throwback to the famous pink 1976-77 away jersey. The HSV 16-17 home kit is classic.

Hertha Berlin
Hertha Berlin 16-17 Home & Away Kits
Hertha Berlin 16-17 Third Kit

Hoffenheim 16-17 Home Kit
1899 Hoffenheim 16-17 Away & Third Kits


Again made by Nike, the new Leipzig 16-17 kits will be the first by the brand to feature unique and bespoke designs for RB Leipzig. See the new Red Bull Salzburg jerseys for reference.

Mainz 16-17 Home Kit
Mainz 16-17 Away & Third Kits

Schalke 16-17 home kit

Schalke only received one new kit from Adidas ahead of the 2016-17 season, as the previous Schalke away and third kits are set to be carried over.

Werder Bremen
Bremen 16-17 Home Kit
Werder Bremen 16-17 Away Kit

Under contract with Nike until at least 2018, the Werder Bremen 16-17 home and away kits will be made by the American brand. A change of the home kit color from this season's mint green is to be expected.

VfL Wolfsburg
Wolfsburg 16-17 Home, Away & Third Kits

The only confirmed kit supplier switch in Bundesliga so far, Wolfsburg will be kitted out by Nike in the 2016-17 Bundesliga season. It's expected that the Nike VfL Wolfsburg 16-17 shirts will be based on designs from Nike's teamwear catalog.

Serie A

Fiorentina 16-17 Kits

The new ACF Fiorentina 16-17 kits are made by Le Coq Sportif who took over in 2015.

Inter 16-17 Home Kit
Inter 16-17 Away Kit
Inter 16-17 Third Kit

Nike again makes the Inter Milan kits, with the new Inter Milan 16-17 home kit standing out in particular.

Inter 16-17 Pre-Match Shirt
Inter 16-17 Font

Juventus 16-17 Home Kit
Juventus 16-17 Away Kit
Juventus 16-17 Third Jersey
Juventus 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit

Adidas makes again the new Juventus 16-17 home, away and third kits, with all three set to feature Adidas' revamped stripes positioning on the sides of the jersey.

Juventus 16-17 Pre-Match Shirt
Juventus 2016-17 Training Jersey
Juventus 16-17 Third Pocket Shirt

Lazio 16-17 Third Kit

In the last year of a five-year deal, Macron produces the Lazio 16-17 kits.

AC Milan 16-17 Home Kit
AC Milan 16-17 Away Kit
Milan 2016-17 Third Kit
Milan 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit

The new Adidas AC Milan 2016-17 home kit introduces a disruptive, modern design, while returning to the contemporary club crest. Adidas will also present new Milan 2016-2017 away and third kits.

AC Milan 16-17 Training Jersey

SSC Napoli
Napoli 16-17 Kit
Napoli 16-17 Third Kit

Kappa continues to produce the Napoli kits in the 16-17 season.

AS Roma
AS Roma 16-17 Home Kit
AS Roma 16-17 Away Kit
AS Roma 16-17 Third Kit
Roma 1927-2017 90th Anniversary Kit

Again made by Nike, the Roma 2016-2017 kits celebrate the club's 90th anniversary with a return to the iconic "Lupetto" badge for the Roma 16-17 away kit.

Roma 16-17 Font

Ligue 1

Girondins Bordeaux 16-17 Home Kit
Bordeaux 16-17 Away Kit
Bordeaux 16-17 Third Kit

Puma makes the new Girondins Bordeaux 16-17 kits as part of an agreement that's valid until at least 2022.

Lille OSC
Lille 16-17 Kits

Lille's contract with Nike expired in June 2016 and New Balance took over as new Lille kit supplier in July.

Olympique Lyonnais
Lyon 16-17 Kits

Under contract until at least 2021, Adidas made the new Lyon 16-17 kits.

Olympique Marseille
Marseille 16-17 Kits

Adidas again makes the Olympique Marseille kits.

AS Monaco
Monaco 16-17 Home Kit
Monaco 16-17 Away Kit

Another major team to be under contract for a long time to come, AS Monaco's 16-17 kits are again made by Nike.

Paris Saint-Germain
PSG 16-17 Home Kit
PSG 16-17 Away Kit

Paris Saint-Germain's 16-17 home, away and third kits are made by Nike. While the PSG 2016-2017 away jersey is red, the PSG 16-17 third kit will be something to look forward to in particular. More on that soon.

PSG 16-17 Training Shirt
PSG 16-17 Pre-Match Jersey
Paris Saint-Germain 2016-17 Champions League Pre-Match Top

Other teams

Ajax 16-17 Kits

Anderlecht 16-17 Home & Away Kits

Basel 16-17 Away Kit

Benfica 16-17 Kits

The Benfica 2016-17 home and away kits are made by Adidas once again.

Besiktas 16-17 Kits

Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors 16-17 Home & Away Kits
Boca Juniors 2016 Third Kit

Celtic 16-17 Kit
Celtic 16-17 Away Kit
Celtic 16-17 Third Kit

Copenhagen 16-17 Kit

Corinthians 16-17 Kit

Cruz Azul
Cruz Azul 16-17 Kits

Cruzeiro 2016-17 Kits

CSKA Moscow
CSKA Moscow 16-17 Kits

Feyenoord 16-17 Away Kit

Fenerbahce 16-17 Kits

Flamengo 2016-17 Home Kit
Flamengo 16-17 Away Kit
Flamengo 16-17 Extra Kit

The new Flamengo 16-17 kit features a classic design, made by Adidas.

Galatasaray 16-17 Home & Away Kits
Galatasaray 16-17 Third Kit

Chivas 2016-17 Home & Away Kits
Chivas 110th Anniversary Kit

Mexican giant Chivas gets kitted out by Puma now, as the German brand takes over from Adidas.

Chivas 16-17 Training Kit

Club América
Club América 2016 Third Kit
Club America 2016-17 Centenary Home and Away Kits

New Club America 1916-2016 Centenario Crest

Estudiantes 2016 Kits

Umbro became the new Estudiantes kit supplier, taking over from Adidas.

Internacional 2016-17 Kits

Newcastle United 16-17 Home Kit
Newcastle United 16-17 Away Kit
Newcastle 16-17 Third Kit

Olympiacos 16-17 Kit
Olympiacos 16-17 Away Kit

Panathinaikos 16-17 Kits

Palmeiras 16-17 Kit
Palmeiras 16-17 Away Kit

PAOK 16-17 Kits

Porto 16-17 Home Kit
Porto 16-17 Away Kit
Porto 16-17 Third Kit

The new FC Porto 2016-17 home, away and third kits are made by New Balance.

Pumas UNAM
Pumas UNAM 2016 Third Kit
Pumas 16-17 Home and Away Kits
Pumas 2016-2017 Third Kit

PSV 16-17 Kits

The new PSV home and away kits are made by Umbro again and feature the logo of new sponsor energiedirect.nl, replacing Philips, for the first time.

Rangers FC
Rangers 16-17 Home, Away and Third Kits

River Plate
River Plate 2016 Home Kit
River Plate 2016 Away Kit
River Plate 2016 Special Kit
River Plate 16-17 Third Kit

River Plate 2017-18 Kits

Rubin Kazan
Rubin Kazan 16-17 Kits

São Paulo
São Paulo 16-17 Kit
São Paulo 16-17 Away Kit
São Paulo 16-17 Third kit

Shakhtar Donetsk
Shakhtar Donetsk 16-17 Kits

Spartak Moscow
Spartak 16-17 Kits

Sporting 16-17 Kits

Tigres 16-17 Kits

Zenit 16-17 Home Kit
Zenit 16-17 Away Kit

Useful links

As always, most "smaller" teams under contract with the big brands will receive so-called teamwear kits. See the latest styles from the catalog below.

Adidas 2016-17 Teamwear
Nike 2016-17 Teamwear (Europe)
Nike 2016-17 Teamwear (US)